avant-garde film index needs your help!

A second round of updating on the initial sample is long overdue. But, like most people out there, I have more projects on the go than time.

So Avant-Garde Film Index is seeking to partner with an instructor (or instructors) in the 2020-21 academic year who is teaching avant-garde film and is on the hunt for an applied-learning opportunity (as a graded assignment) to offer their students.

I would ideally want to start with the initial sample of films/filmmakers. Your students would become editors, responsible for: authoring text about their chosen films/filmmakers (from the initial sample), updating existing links, and sourcing new materials to link to, etc. You and your students would, of course, be credited on site pages for all work; and your students would have online publications to point to in professional documents (resumes, cover letters) upon completion. I handle all the hosting fees, so there are no costs to you or your students; and I make no money on this website, so can offer no financial compensation.

If you are an instructor (TA, TT, and adjunct faculty are all welcome!) and are interested in this opportunity, please contact me at avantgardefilmindex AT gmail.com. Many thanks! And I look forward to hearing from you.

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