Peter Rose


Pressures of the Text, The

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Artist file : miscellaneous uncataloged material.

1 folder.


Friedman, Bernard. “The EFC Arrives: A National Coalition of Experimental Filmmakers.” Millennium Film Journal 14/15 (1984): 178–180. Print.
KNOWLES, KIM, and PETER ROSE. “I’M TRYING TO SPEAK WITH LIGHT.” Millennium Film Journal. Fall 2010 : 29-38. Print.
Pickel, Regula. “Between Irony and Empathy.” Independent (Foundation for Independent Video & Film) 14 (1991): 28–31. Print.
Schenkel, Thelma. “The Man Who Could See Far.” Millennium Film Journal 12 (1982): 113–120. Print.

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