Paul Sharits


Analytical Studies II: Un-Frame-Lines

Episodic Generation

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Artist’s Website

Canyon Cinema

Film-Makers’ Cooperative


Archival Collections

Anthology Film Archives, Library

Anthology Film Archives.

Essential cinema repertory collection, [ca. 1915-1972], [ca. 1960-1970] (bulk)

ca. 360 films, 8mm, 16mm, 35 mm.

Anthology Film Archives, Library

Anthology Film Archives.

Study collection, [ca. 1900-1985], 1950-1985 (bulk)

ca. 1,000 films.

Museum of Modern Art


Artist file : miscellaneous uncataloged material.

1 folder.

New York Public Library

Flux year box 2 [art original].

Varying Form of Title: Fluxyearbox 2

Publication Information: [1967?]

1 box ; 9 x 20 x 20 cm.


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