Sidney Peterson


Lead Shoes, The

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Canyon Cinema

Film-Makers’ Cooperative


Archival Collections

Anthology Film Archives, Library

Anthology Film Archives.

Film stills collection, [ca. 1920-1970], [ca. 1960-1970] (bulk).

ca. 12 cubic ft.

Arrangement of Materials: Alphabetical by name of director.

Museum of Modern Art

The Museum of Modern Art.

Early Museum History: Administrative Records.


Finding Aid:

Museum of Modern Art

The Museum of Modern Art, Museum Archives.

Reports and Pamphlets.

1929-ca. 2000’s.

9 linear feet
Nineteen 5×10.5×15.25″ document boxes
Five 2.5×10.5×15.25″ document boxes.

Finding Aid:


Broughton, James. “Cemetery and Brother.” Film Culture 79 (1996): 7. Print.
Del Tredici, Robert. “Critics, Accountants, and Dreams: Interview with Sidney Peterson About ‘The Lead Shoes.’” Millennium Film Journal (1993): 64–75. Print.
Menzies, J. “Observations on the San Francisco Art Institute: A LETTER TO THE COMMUNITY.” Millennium Film Journal 52 (2009): 83–87. Print.
Peterson, Sidney. “The Exquisite Pftjschute.” Cinematograph 5 (1993): 18–19. Print.
Taylor, Gregory. “Beyond Interpretation ‘The Lead Shoes’ as an Abstract Film.” Millennium Film Journal (1991): 78–99. Print.
Varela, Willie. “We Will Not Go Quietly: Some Thoughts on the Avant-Garde, Then and Now.” Journal of Film & Video 57.1/2 (2005): 3–8. Print.

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